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Cardboard edge protectors play a critical role in protecting, transporting, and storing products. Widely used in shipping, storage, and packaging sectors, these materials offer an effective solution for ensuring product safety and reducing operational costs for businesses. Moreover, their eco-friendly nature makes them a sustainable packaging choice.

Product Protection: Cardboard edge protectors prevent products from being damaged during shipping, storage, and transportation, leading to longer product lifespans.
Transportation Safety: They maintain the balance of heavy loads during transportation, thereby enhancing the safety of workers involved in handling.
Cost-Effectiveness: By reducing the likelihood of product damage, cardboard edge protectors lower return rates, ultimately decreasing operational costs.
Environmental Friendliness: Since they are often made from recyclable materials, cardboard edge protectors provide an eco-friendly packaging option.

Shipping and Transportation Sector: Cardboard edge protectors are placed on pallets to prevent products from coming into direct contact during stacking, thus preventing damage. They also safeguard product edge during the transportation of heavy loads, ensuring safe arrival at the destination.
Storage and Warehouse Management: Proper stacking and handling of products are essential during storage. Cardboard edge protectors prevent deformation and damage to products during their time in storage.
Packaging Industry: Cardboard edge protectors are also used during the packaging process. They prevent products from shifting inside the package and enhance the package's resilience against external factors.
Furniture Industry: In the transportation of large and heavy furniture pieces, cardboard edge protectors are used to safeguard edge and prevent product damage.

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